Label APIs

The following topics cover key information to help you get started with these APIs:

- The API Tester in the v4 Portal enables you to securely call the methods of these APIs using your organization's Kentik data.
- Protobuf and OpenAPI specifications for Kentik’s v6 APIs are available in our api-schema-public repository.


API Methods

The tables below provide a quick reference to key information about each method.

  • Click a method to show its parameters and request body.
  • Click an endpoint to go to an individual method's Details.
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API Usage

The topics below provide important background information for the use of these APIs.

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    API Details

    Details of the methods and schema (models) of this API are presented below using read-only Swagger UI.

    Note: To test methods using your own Kentik data, use the portal's API Tester.
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