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Manage integrations in various categories from the Integrations page.

About Integrations

The Kentik v4 portal is designed to work with a wide variety of external systems in key areas such as authentication and DDoS mitigation. The Integrations section of the portal provides a central access point to these various integrations. The integrations on this page are broken into categories and represented as cards. In most cases clicking on a card will open a new tab that is populated with a webpage providing explanatory information about the integration itself or how to set it up.


Integration Categories

Available integrations currently fall into the following categories:

  • DDoS Mitigation Platforms: Third-party mitigation platforms that can be triggered via a threshold in an alert policy or started manually (see Third-party Mitigation).
  • SSO Platforms: Third-party identity providers that can be used for authentication of Kentik users for whom Authentication & SSO is enabled.
  • Notification Channels: Notification solutions that can be used to communicate with users in a variety of portal contexts (see Notifications).
  • Operations: Integrations that help you utilize Kentik-connected data in non-Kentik network operations settings (e.g. Kentik Connect for Grafana).
  • Network Platforms: Integrations that enable you to leverage external platforms to gain greater visibility into factors influencing your costs, performance, or operations (see PeeringDB).
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