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Kentik's Customer Support team (CS) is dedicated to ensuring that you have all the information and support that you need to get the most value from Kentik. The following topics cover how we work and how to work with us:

Note: For additional information, please contact the customer success manager assigned to your account.


How We Work

Kentik offers customers two ways to request support:

  • Submit ticket via portal: Request support using the Kentik portal's Contact Support form (see Support via the Portal).
  • Contact your CS representative: Contact us via email or phone (see Contact CS).

Requests are generally worked in an order based on two factors:

  • Severity: How seriously does the issue impact operations?
  • Order: When was the issue reported in relation to other issues in the queue.

When making a request:

  • Please provide as much information as possible so that we can respond quickly and in the most impactful way.
  • Please make a separate request for each concern so that we can address each item appropriately and avoid delays.

Support via the Portal

The following topics explain how to request various types of support via the portal:

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Support Request

To submit a general request for support through the portal:

  1. In the Kentik Portal, open the Contact Support dialog by clicking the Support button (message icon) toward the right of the main navbar.
  2. Fill out the Request Summary and Additional Details fields with a full and complete description of the support you need.
  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. To view your support requests, click on the Track your support requests link located below the Submit button. This will redirect you to the Support Portal, where you can manage your requests.
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Password Reset

Kentik enforces strong and secure passwords by enabling users to reset or change their passwords. To request a reset of your password:

  1. In the Kentik Portal, open the popup User menu by clicking the User button at the right of the main navbar.
  2. Choose Profile to go your User Profile page, then go to the Authentication tab.
  3. In the Password pane, click Reset Password.
  4. You will receive a password reset email at the email address associated with your Kentik account.
    Note: If you are unable to complete the steps below within one hour you will have to restart the reset process from the beginning.
  5. Click on the link provided in the email, which will take you to the Password Reset page.
  6. Fill out the password fields, then click the Set Password button to finish resetting your password.

Contact CS

When contacting support directly rather than through the portal, Kentik provides two support channels to get you the help you need:

  • Standard support: We will respond Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM EST.
    - Email:
  • Emergency/critical support: We will work with you 24/7 to determine the severity and impact of your concern (please use this service only when you experience an emergency and need to reach someone immediately).
    - Email:
    - Phone (US): 844.356.3278, extension 6
    - Phone (international): +1 415.963.9825, extension 6

Feature Requests

Requests for new features are submitted via the portal:

  1. In the Kentik Portal, open the Contact Support dialog by clicking the Support button (message icon) toward the right of the main navbar.
  2. Click the Manage My Feature Requests button at the bottom of the dialog, which will open the Kentik Feedback Portal in a new tab.
  3. In the Submit a Request for Kentik tile on the Dashboard page, click the Make a Suggestion button.
  4. Fill out the Submit a Request form with information regarding your request, then click the Submit request button, which submits your request and returns you to the Dashboard.
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