Service Provider Overview

The Service Provider section of the Kentik V4 portal is covered in the topics below:

Workflows like CDN Analytics help service providers see the network impacts of their services.

About Service Provider

The Service Provider section of the Kentik V4 portal includes a collection of workflows that enable communications service providers (CSPs) to better understand requirements and performance related to services they provide to customers and subscribers.


Service Provider Workflows

The Service Provider section of the portal includes the following workflows:

  • CDN Analytics: The CDN Analytics workflow enables eyeball ISPs to track and optimize CDN traffic delivery and performance to subscribers, while also providing data-driven analytics for interconnection negotiations. Network engineers and peering managers can use it to understand precisely how the network connects with each CDN, see routing changes for any CDN that will impact cost or subscriber performance, and compare embedded CDN caches to CDN traffic from outside the network.
  • OTT Service Tracking: The OTT Service Tracking workflow enables you to track traffic for the various categories of OTT services reaching your subscribers (video, gaming, social media, etc.), to see top-X breakdowns of OTT providers in each category, and to drill down into traffic details for individual services and providers. These capabilities are vital for engineering leaders and network strategists at eyeball ISPs as they work to plan and maintain reliable, performant, and cost-effective transport of content to their subscribers.
  • Kentik Market Intelligence: KMI uses the global routing table to classify the peering and transit relationships between Autonomous Systems (ASes) and to identify the providers, peers, and customers for any AS in any geography (see Kentik Market Intelligence).
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