Device Status

The Device Status page is covered in the following topics:

Note: For ongoing management of devices, or to add additional devices, access the Network Devices page from the Settings link on the main menu.

The Device Status page enables you to review and fix device settings.

About Device Status

The Device Status page is used to identify and correct issues with the settings or configuration of a device. The existence of these issues is indicated in a callout at the top of Network Explorer.


Device Status Page

The Device Status page of the Kentik portal helps you complete and correct issues related to device configuration. The page includes the following main sections:

  • Status list: A list of cards that each show the number of devices in a given status. Click a card to view the list of devices with the corresponding status (see Device Statuses).
  • Device list: A list of all devices in the currently selected status.

Note: To access the page, see Using Device Status.

Device Statuses

A device can have one of four possible statuses:

  • Incomplete: Devices for which the Flow and SNMP configurations made during the onboarding process have errors.
    Note: This status applies only to devices added during your organization's onboarding process.
  • Never received flow: Devices from which Kentik hasn’t received any flow data.
  • Stopped sending flow: Devices from which Kentik previously received flow data but no longer does.
  • No interfaces: Devices from which no interfaces have been registered with Kentik.

Using Device Status

To view and correct issues with the setup or status of devices:

  1. In the callout at the top of Network Explorer, click the Review your devices button, which takes you to the Device Status Page.
  2. In the Status List at left, click a card with the status you’d like to view (see Device Statuses).
  3. In the display area at right you'll see a list of cards representing the devices in the status you chose. The card will contain a button, e.g. Complete Device Configuration or Verify Device Configuration. Click the button to open the Device Settings Dialog and correct any issues for the device.
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