Device Status

The following topics cover the Device Status section of the portal, which is used to complete the settings for devices whose settings are incomplete:

- For ongoing management of devices, or to add additional devices, access the Network Devices page from the Settings link on the main menu.
- For general information about setup tasks, see Setup Overview.

The Device Status page enables you to review and fix device settings.

Device Status Overview

The device status section of the portal is used to identify and correct device issues with the settings or configuration of a device. These issues are shown in a callout at the top of Network Explorer.

To correct these issues, you'll first go to the Device Status overview page and from there to the status page for an individual device:

  1. In the callout at the top of Network Explorer, click the Review your devices button, which takes you to the Device Status overview page.
  2. In the sidebar at left, you'll see a list of cards that each show a number of devices currently in a given status. Click the card corresponding to a status:
    - Incomplete: Kentik registration is not complete.
    - Never received flow: Kentik hasn't received any flow data.
    - Stopped sending flow: Kentik received flow data at some point but isn't any longer.
    - No interfaces: no interfaces are registered with Kentik.
  3. In the display area at right you'll see a list of cards representing the devices in the status you chose. The card will contain a button, e.g. Complete Device Registration or Verify Device Configuration. Click the button to go to the individual status page for the device (see Device Status Page).

Device Status Page

The Device status page is covered in the following topics:

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Device Status UI

The layout of an individual device status page includes the following main sections:

  • General information: The information you entered when registering the device (see Device General Information), including make, name, description, sending IPs, sampling rate, and site.
  • Task status list: A set of cards corresponding to the onboarding tasks described in About Device Setup. Each card indicates the current status of that task for this device (see Task Status List).
  • Configuration snippets: Device-specific configuration snippets that show you how to configure the device to complete a given task. Snippets are only shown for a given task if configuration on the device itself is required to complete that task. The type of snippets shown in this area (e.g. flow, SNMP, or BGP) depend on which task card is selected in the progress list (see Configuration Snippets).
  • Device list sidebar: The right sidebar lists all devices in your organization that require attention in order to be fully onboarded (see Device List Sidebar).
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Task Status List

The cards in the task status list, which each correspond to a task in the device onboarding process (see About Device Setup), indicate the status of that task:

  • Complete: The task's title will be green and a green checkmark will appear to its left.
  • Incomplete and optional: The task's title will be gray and a gray X will appear to its left.
  • Incomplete and required: The task's title will be red and a red danger icon will appear to its left.

If a task is incomplete its card may include a brief description of the required action and/or one of the following:

  • A button that opens, in a dialog, the screen of the onboarding workflow where the issue can be corrected, for example:
    - A Complete Registration button when registration of the device is not complete (see Complete Device Settings).
    - An Enable button when SNMP is not enabled.
  • A link that, when clicked, displays one or more relevant configuration snippets (if the fix for the issue involves configuration of the device itself) in the configuration snippets area.
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Configuration Snippets

If the fix for an incomplete task involves configuration on the device itself then when you click the task's card in the task status list the configuration snippets needed to complete the task will be displayed in the configuration snippets area below the task status list. The snippets are specific to the make and model of the device as entered during initial onboarding (see Device General Information). The snippets are sourced from Kentik’s public configuration repository in GitHub.

Note: Kentik customers are welcome to explore the repository, branch it, and submit a pull request for any update.

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Device List Sidebar

The sidebar includes the following main elements:

  • Add Another Data Source: A button that takes you to the Add a data source page in the onboarding workflow, which is effectively the same as the Register your flow source page (see About Device Setup).
  • Devices that require attention: A set of cards that each correspond to a device that requires further work in order to be fully onboarded. Click on a card to go to the individual device status page for that device.

Complete Device Settings

If a device onboarding task is incomplete, and the fix for that task involves further settings in Kentik (as distinct from configuration on the device itself), the task's card in the Task Status List will include a button that opens a dialog containing the setup workflow, with the workflow step shown in the dialog corresponding to the task that needs to be completed.

The following example shows how the above works if the incomplete task is device registration:

  1. In the task status list on an individual device status page, the device registration task will be indicated as incomplete. Click the Complete Registration button in that task's card.
  2. The onboarding workflow dialog will open to the Register your flow source step, which shows your onboarding progress for this device (see About Device Setup). In the Setup Progress List, you'll see the completed tasks indicated with a checkmark. Click on the Get Started link for an incomplete task (no checkmark).
  3. Complete the task as described in the topics in Device Setup Steps.
  4. Repeat the above steps 2 and 3 until all tasks are indicated as complete.
  5. Click the Create Device button at the bottom of the page to save your settings and finalize registration of the device.
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