Kentik How-Tos

Find links to how-tos that guide you through specific tasks, including both general overviews and step-by-step procedures. Browse in the tabs below or search for how-tos based on key words.

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Signup & Login

Sign up for Kentik and access the portal.


Onboard your organization with the Setup workflow.


Get help and support from the portal.


Install and configure software agents for network traffic.


Deploy the ksynth agent for synthetic testing.


Enable Kentik Firehose with the ktranslate agent.

Network Devices

Register and manage devices in the portal.

Cloud Exports

Create and manage the export of flow logs to Kentik.


Optimize your settings for featured traffic modules.


Set up to monitor and query your network traffic.


Optimize traffic to and from external networks.


Defend against threats to network availability and security.

Service Provider

Understand service requirements and performance.

App Agent

Install and activate the ksynth agent for Synthetics.


Define synthetic tests to monitor performance.

Kentik NMS Setup

Set up Kentik's Network Monitoring System in your account.

NMS Dashboard

Configure your high-level view of Kentik NMS.

Metrics Explorer

Query your NMS data stored in Kentik.

Query Assistant

Use natural language to query NMS metrics.

NMS Alerting

Use NMS metrics to alert on infrastructure status or events.

Network Metadata

Optimize Kentik's ability to fully understand your network.

Data Enrichment

Enrich flow records with additional correlated dimensions.


Share Kentik views publicly or within your organization.

Access & Security

Add users and control secure access.


Additional controls to tailor Kentik for your organization.

User Profile

Personalize your Kentik experience.


Access integrations with 3rd-party platforms and services.

Credentials Vault

Securely store credentials for devices and Synthetics tests.