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Kentik Platform
Overviews and detailed explanations of the Kentik system
  • •  The fundamental elements of the platform.
  • •  The structure of our ultrafast KDE backend.
  • •  The types and uses of network data we ingest.
  • •  Kentik security: how we safeguard your data.
  • •  Configure devices and hosts to send flow data.
  • •  Access flow logs from your cloud resources.
  • •  When and how to use Kentik software agents.
  • •  A complete reference to Kentik APIs.
V4 portal
Kentik v4 Portal
Setup and usage of the v4 portal
  1. •  Workflows in Operate, Edge, Protect, and Service Provider.
  2. •  Creating Synthetic tests and deploying the ksynth agent.
  3. •  Tailoring portal views to your use cases.
  4. •  Getting custom real-time Alerts on network status.
  5. •  Accessing Insights on cost and performance optimization.
V3 portal
Kentik v3 Portal
Complete coverage of the v3 portal
  1. •  Creating Dashboards and Saved Views.
  2. •  Querying network traffic in Data Explorer.
  3. •  Defining Alerting policies to trigger alarms and mitigation.
  4. •  Using Analytics for Peering, Capacity, and Raw Flow.
  5. •  Enriching flow data and classifying interfaces.
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